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One weatherford

Individually, we are impressive.
Together, we are unstoppable.
We are One Weatherford.

Last year, we began to emphasize the importance of organizational health starting with re-energizing our “One Weatherford” spirit. A campaign that was originally born a decade ago was refreshed to unite employees around a common culture – encouraging them to put our core values into action and work as a team.

One Weatherford was reintroduced at a pivotal moment when we need to come together to propel our organization forward. We launched our first global town hall called One Weatherford Day as a means of re-energizing our employees. Our employees came together for the first time to learn the beginnings of our transformation strategy.

Now, in the halls and at the field, you will hear employees affirm that “individually, we are impressive but together we are unstoppable – we are One Weatherford.”

We are encouraged to see these concepts become embedded as a touchstone of our business. It is with this spirit and vigor that our employees are driving our transformation forward and making a measureable difference.

One Weatherford Day: Showing Our Spirit Around the Globe