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Safety and service quality

We strive each day to ensure that our employees are safe and that we deliver our products and services to our customers the right way, the first time.

Our core values are key to making this goal a reality. Everyone within our organization is expected to embrace these values and remain dedicated to delivering an injury-free workplace as well as peak customer satisfaction.

We emphasize to employees that they must be committed not only to their personal safety, but also to that of our coworkers so that we may all return to our family and loved ones every night without any injuries.

With a distinct focus on safety and service quality, we continued to deliver exceptional services to our customers in 2017. We experienced a record year for our nonproductive time (NPT) performance, with a 23% decrease in NPT year-over-year (per 1,000 operating hours).


Operating hours

We also achieved significant milestones and are especially proud of the awards received from customers as they are a testament to our focus on flawless execution and to the value of strong customer relationships.

Recognized for quality

Spring brought recognition from two major operators. On April 28, World Safety Day, Weatherford received a Safety Champion award from Total Italia in recognition of excellent safety performance on the Tempa Rossa project. In June, we received the Eni Safety Award for second consecutive year.

Shell Executive Vice President, Wells, Paul Goodfellow, and Mark A. McCollum accepting the award at Shell's Houston headquarters.

In December, Weatherford was named Wells Supplier of the Year 2017 by Shell International Exploration & Production Inc. in recognition of our outstanding safety and service quality as well as the Company’s collaborative, solutions-based approach. Mark A. McCollum accepted the award from Shell Executive Vice President, Wells, Paul Goodfellow, at Shell’s Houston headquarters.

Other notable achievements

Zerolost time incidentsachieved

  • 20 years without LTI at our East Leake facility in the UK.
  • 16 years without LTI at our Songkhla facility, Thailand.
  • 10 years without LTI in Thailand with recognition from PTT Exploration and Production.
  • 8 years without LTI for our operations in Denmark.
  • 8 years without LTI at our Baku, Azerbaijan operations. 

Api q2certificationachieved

  • Aberdeen, Scotland, received API Q2* certification, becoming the first facility in the United Kingdom to achieve this certification.
  • Macaé, Brazil, facility also achieved API Q2 certification.
  • Malaga, Australia, facility successfully achieved API Q2 certification, making us the first company in the country to receive this recognition.
* The American Petroleum Institute (API) Specification Q2 is the world's most advanced industry certification standard for oil and gas service providers. This achievement recognizes the robustness of our Operational Excellence and Performance System, which assures personnel competency, risk assessment, contingency planning, and many other key elements of safety and service quality. 

As we continue to optimize the performance of our organization, we have flattened our structure into core geozones, which brings decision making closer to the front lines. With this structure, we have placed service quality, health, safety, security, and environment (QHSSE) leads within each of our geozones. These leaders are continuing to embed the importance of safety and service quality in all that we do and now have greater control to execute decisions in a timely manner. This is another example of how we are evolving with the wellbeing of our customers and employees top of mind.