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Technology highlights

Our strong commitment to innovation is reflected in the technologies we brought to market throughout the year. By developing technologies that address specific operator challenges, we enable our customers to achieve their objectives more efficiently and profitably.

This drive for innovation continues in 2018 as we enhance our drilling, formation evaluation, well construction, completion, and production portfolios.

Foresite™ production optimization platform

In May, we launched the ForeSite™ production optimization platform, a single-platform solution that uniquely integrates physics-based models and advanced data analytics to increase equipment uptime and ultimately extend asset life. The state-of-the-art technology was featured in a keynote presentation given by Intel at the 2017 Internet of Things Solutions World Congress. Since then, we have installed the ForeSite platform on 1,800 reciprocating-rod lift units in the U.S.

Autotong® system

The AutoTong system, which was introduced by the Company in September, has been successfully deployed on four jobs globally, including land and offshore operations. In each case, the technology delivered consistent connection makeup and immediately alerted the rig crew to any connections that did not meet the established parameters, thereby assuring greater well integrity. Customers have been impressed with the consistency of the connection-makeup graphs as well as with the overall efficiency of the system.

Raptor™ 2.0 cased-hole evaluation system

Expanding on the capabilities of our Raptor cased-hole reservoir evaluation tool, the Raptor™ 2.0 system combines a pulsed-neutron wireline logging device with advanced petrophysical workflows. The system has been tested and proven in more than 200 field runs, including several noteworthy jobs in North America and Latin America. In Western Canada, the system assessed the remaining production potential of three shut-in unconventional wells and identified untapped oil- and gas-producing zones in two of the three wells.

HeatWave™ Extreme LWD Service

After a two-year period of joint development and successes with Chevron, the HeatWave Extreme logging-while-drilling (LWD) service became commercially available to all operators in May 2017. The service has been deployed in 76 wells to drill more than 300,000 total feet. To date, it is the only triple-combo LWD technology to have run successfully at temperatures exceeding 175°C.

Endura® Dual-String Section Mill

The Endura® dual-string section mill sets the stage for a permanent, verifiable rock-to-rock barrier while fulfilling the strictest regulatory requirements for plug and abandonment (P&A) operations. Additionally, it can reduce the time needed for a P&A operation by half, saving millions of dollars in the process. The technology was deployed offshore Australia in 2017. The operation was completed in 147 hours, which saved the operator 118 hours of rig time—valued at $1.97 million—compared to conventional P&A methods.


  • Rotary-steerable systems that combine reliable, high-performance drilling with precise directional control
  • Managed pressure drilling systems that seamlessly integrate into a broad range of rig infrastructures, including offshore units
  • Downhole deployment valves that can be run without control lines, reducing the time and cost of installation
  • Ultrasonic imagers that capture high-resolution borehole images and caliper measurements while drilling


  • Mechanized AutoTong® systems that increase running speeds, reduce safety risks, and eliminate makeup errors on large offshore rigs and deepwater drillships
  • Trackless tong-positioning devices that enable automated change-outs from one joint of pipe to the next


  • Systems that execute upper and lower completions in a single trip, leveraging RFID technology
  • Premium small composite plugs that enabler faster, more efficient plug-and-perf stimulation
  • High-reliability, small optical gauges for reservoir monitoring
  • Tubing-retrievable safety valves rated for deepwater applications


  • Expanded capabilities for the ForeSite™ production optimization platform, including optimization support for gas-lift systems and electric submersible pumps
  • New Rotaflex® long-stroke pumping unit model that enables easier servicing and earlier transition to rod lift
  • A coated version of our COROD® continuous rod that extends rod-string and tubing life in deep wells with corrosive environments